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I’ve written a rather extensive blog post summarising my feelings on a few aspects of the hard dance scene right now in 2012. It’s me at my most honest, and will probably be perceived as controversial in some areas but I truly believe everything I’ve written and I just love the hard dance music scene too much to just stay tight lipped and not say anything. It’s great that everybody so far who has given me feedback has had their own spin on what I’ve written. Ultimately it’s just fantastic to have the hard dance community thinking about the issues raised in my blog as I believe they are all relevant today.

You can find the link to the original blog post here: http://djtechnikal.tumblr.com/

  • menzies

    Very true.loved this blog.. i myself have spent the last 3 years locked in a room teaching myself to produce. i will keep going untill i am ready, and will be sending my demos to technikal…